Tips for Off-Grid Living – How To Live Off The Grid

Off Grid Solar Power ArrayWelcome to our free online resource for off-grid living.
We are here to help you along in the rewarding challenge of living off of the power grid. Whether you are a veteran off-grider living in an RV or cabin in the woods, a seasoned rural farmer, a third-generation rancher – or someone just looking to get out of the rat race – we have the information you seek.

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Though sometimes a challenge, the many benefits of living off grid make it all worthwhile. It is liberating to know that you can fend for yourself in daily life as well as during emergencies. How can one describe the feeling of running your house or business off of clean energy sources like natural gas and propane, or renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro? Who could explain the effect being out of the city and suburbs has on your sense of well-being? How many of us would enjoy more fresh produce grown organically on our own property? And how safe we would feel knowing that we were prepared for emergencies and had the means to live a self-sufficient life?

This website isn’t just about owning property that happens to not be connected to the big power company’s grid. It is about living closer to the land; Being responsible for the culture, values and environment we leave behind to our children; knowing that life was meant to be enjoyed, rather than working in a tiny cubicle to earn enough to accumulate stuff we didn’t need in the first place.

Well, that’s what it’s about for me at least. But more importantly:
What is living off grid about to you?

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Buying Off Grid Property

Finding that perfect off-grid home and parcel of land has never been more difficult – or more easy. It is more difficult than ever in that there is less and less rural, off-grid land available every day – and prices keep rising despite what might be happening in the urban real estate market. But there is still plenty of off-grid real estate out there to be had and it is “easier than ever” to find it now that we have internet tools like MLS listings, Google maps, etc… so you can literally look at hundreds of properties in the time it would have taken you to look at just a few not long ago.

Living Off The Grid Means Many Things to Many People

When we asked readers what living off the grid meant to them we received over 100 answers with almost just as many different reasons. From ecological to political, from left to right, from simple to complex, from hopeful to pessimistic, and everywhere in between – living off the grid isn’t as cut-and-dried as you may have thought. Click the link above to read how others view the topic, and add your own input as well. It helps us know who our readers are so we can provide them with the most relevant information.